Wholesale FAQs

How do I become a wholesaler?
Please email CactusClubWholesale@gmail.com with your name, store name, store address, and store website.

What is the minimum opening order?
$100. After your first order you can order any amount.

What are the style minimums?
There is a style minimum of 6 on stickers, sticker packs, and greeting cards. Patches and art prints can be ordered in any quantity.

When will my order ship?
Orders are shipped within 5 business days from Los Angeles, CA using USPS. If products are on backorder we will contact you by email.

Can I pay net30?
Please email CactusClubWholesale@gmail.com and ask for your account to be approved for net30. Once approved you can select the net30 option on the checkout screen under "payments". Typically we require wholesalers to have paid at least one order previously to gain approval.

How does net30 work?
Please make check out to "Melinda Boyce" and mail to "Cactus Club Paper Goods, 2413 Hidalgo Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039" within 30 days of order. Late payments will incur a 5% late fee per month late.

Have a question?
Please email CactusClubWholesale@gmail.com.